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...Creating a Healthy Environment

​Humans are habitual and our habits arise from the environment that surrounds us. So, let’s create good habits by building the right environment!

With Harvest Routes, we’re bringing the right food into our kitchens and creating healthier habits!

... Being Fully Conscious

Did you know that the nutritional content and the taste of what you eat is directly affected by how it’s grown and how far it travels to the market??

This is why we work with farmers in our area to conveniently bring the best quality food available to people living and working in central New Jersey.  

We also "pull back the curtain" so you can discover where and how food is grown.  People are becoming more aware of their food’s journey, and for very good reasons!

Local, Healthy and Sustainably Grown Food delivered to Central New Jersey residents! 

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A New Direction means...

June 14
"I found out I like radishes!"

~Sean, 8 years old
"I try my best to eat local, and your company just makes things a lot more convenient. I'm happy to be able to support an endeavor like this."
  - Meghan, CrossFit Nassau

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